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Headoo is a Visual Marketing technology that helps brands to create one-to-one relationships with customers on the web, during events, and in stores.


Capture photos/videos/gifs using photo booths, social photographers, video booths, smartphones, #hashtag tracking/aggregator… for events, online brand activations or in-store experiences.


Amplify the impact of your campaign while allowing your customers to share the content on social media. Benefit from a positive digital word-of-mouth and increase your brand awareness.


Re-use the content and data collected: live display and Social Wall, your website and official social media pages, emailing campaigns (CRM), loyalty programs...


Measure your return on investment with more than 70 metrics: comments and key words, email opening rates, social media impressions and likes, click through rates on your advertising banners, facial recognition, geolocation, contests and sweepstakes…